I am just going to start.


Because I am not a focused person, this will not be. Awhile ago, I opened up the boxes that mom gave me to store, since I now have a basement. I found some journals ranging from when I was in first grade through high school. Hilarious. Justin thought so, too. I would like to keep something like a journal again…hence the blog…if for nothing more than to laugh at it years later.

I am not very concerned with grammar, seeing as I was an art major. I will try harder. I, love, commas. I am also used to typing in chat windows, so sometimes i don’t capitalize my words. Sorry, I will try harder.

I love food. I love cooking. I love baking bread. Hopefully there will be some documentation of that on here.

I have two cats. Porpus and Schween. If you don’t like cats, I am sorry for you. You would like them if you got one. Seriously, get a cat. Get two. I also like squirrels, but I beg of you not to get me squirrels as gifts for the rest of my life. My mom had a serious cow problem at one point, that was not entirely her fault, but I just can’t go there.

I work in advertising. Someday I’d like to write and illustrate children’s books if I can rein in use of my commas. I love design, but this will probably not be a design blog. I bought some art supplies again months ago. I need to actually use them. I want to use them. I used to make art constantly before I was working. What happened? More on that later.

I live in Chicago and love it. I am embarrassed by the governor. But I still love it. My neighborhood is south Andersonville. Also, a little bit in love. It is winter now, so I am not out as much. I do have a really puffy coat this year. Boots to match. This is helping. I have very good friends that inspire me to leave the house in 17 degree weather and I love them for that. They usually have wine with them too. But for the most part, I make very good friends with the computer in the winter.

I haven’t kept up with the news lately, since I suffered an overdose during the election, but sometimes I have strong opinions about what is going on out there. They will probably show up. If you have any questions about current events or politics, please call Justin instead. He will be able to talk to you at length about anything you want. I pretty much agree with whatever he says about them. Mostly. That doesn’t mean I don’t form my own opinion. We are just lucky they don’t conflict too often. I know a few couples that have very different political views or world views, and I can’t for the life of me wrap my head around how that works. Congrats to you.

Christmas is coming up. Yay! We will be renting a house with my side of the family somewhere in Michigan City. Pretty excited. I kind of went all out with the gift buying this year. Gifting is fun for me, and I can rarely keep the gifts a secret because I get so excited. Justin has been giving his as they arrive to the house. Saves wrapping paper I suppose.

Now I am going to try and figure out how this all works. Thanks for stopping by. Here is a picture of Schween doing nothing while Justin studies. Typical.cimg7367


4 responses to “*New*

  1. I am not a fan of using commas. We should combine our powers and punctuate correctly.

  2. I love commas , despite the fact that, many moons ago, I was also a Fine Arts major. Nevertheless, content is always more important than form 🙂
    I enjoyed reading your *new* post. Schween looks so much like my dearly departed Tinker.

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