Staring Problem and the “Nook”

Schween has issues.

This is not news. But recently she has been totally obsessed with Justin when he goes to bed. She will be there in less than 30 seconds from the time that he lays down. She immediately nestles into the nook and fiercely nuzzes the armpit. She will then nuzz the book he is reading so that he can’t possibly read a sentence. Like reading on the El in an earthquake that you are allergic to. She then has to be pinned down and held tightly in the nook so that everyone can relax.

Next comes the staring. I think she might think he is her husband. She looks longingly at his face while he tries to continue to read, occasionally blinking and meowing tiny silent mraps. Sometimes she feels necessary to reach out an touch his mouth with her dirty little kitteh paw. Just to see what would happen. Because of the allergies, he usually goes to sleep, post nuzz, with a rash on his arm because of poisonous Schween. Justin is such a trooper with all the demanding ladies in the house. He puts up with a lot in a home of felines, and with his luck, someday he will have a house of little girls to deal with as well. I can only hope they don’t make him break out in a rash.

Oops. This was a post entirely about cats and armpits. I will try harder.

Schween about to get into the dreaded nook:photo-23


3 responses to “Staring Problem and the “Nook”

  1. I don’t know why cats do the armpit and the staring thing. But they do. A man who will put up with cat antics is a treasure.

    Ever since I was a kid I’ve been allergic to cats -though that never stopped me from having several as pets once I was an adult. A couple of years ago while looking for a cure for heartburn, I discovered that I was chronically dehydrated. One of the side effects of drinking more water has been no more cat allergies. Definitely worth looking into.

  2. Pooh Pies also the staring thing. She gets right up close to my face so she doesn’t miss a beat and just stares. It’s kinda freaky. I’m like..Chill pooh pie, chill.

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