Daily Picture of Happiness

One of the blessings (curses?) of having an “eye” for things is that you can’t turn “it” off. This can be a great thing most of the time. I notice a lot of details, images, scenes or circumstances in everyday life that keep me in the present, and often annoy my husband. The curse is that sometimes there are things that are so badly designed that it hurts. (i.e. any yoga studio with Papyrus on the door, comic sans, ugly packaging, ugly sweaters….or a terrible terrible commercial). I am always dumbfounded when something really hideous is produced because i know that not only did someone pay money for it, but many hours were spent on that piece, and a room full of people agreed that this is the one of many designs that should go into production.

Anyway…This is about happiness, not terrible design*…which is quite the opposite.

In 2008, Kate Robinson (also an art director) took a photo of something in her day that made her happy and posted it on her Facebook profile. Her cat, the Kitty Buddy and husband Neil topped the list for number of appearances, and I am not claiming that my tally will end up much different. I think this idea is brilliant and have seen versions of this on other blogs as well. I am thrilled to steal it for myself.

Even if it is really a rotten Chicago day, or things aren’t so great, I usually find a bit of happiness somewhere. I would like to capture these moments and be more aware things that are awesome each day. Or even just kind of awesome. I imagine the act of finding this piece of goodness might be more thrilling than the actual product, but I am in it for the process…and the moment 10 years later when I get to laugh at myself. Yay!

*new proper masthead is my goal by end of the week

We are having a snow storm. I needed eggs. Justin went out in the storm and walked in it to get them. <3

We are having a snow storm. I needed eggs. Justin went out in the storm and walked in it to get them. ❤


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