Daily Picture 122208

Yesterday was the second day of negative temps. It is days like that I can’t believe I live here. The first day of negatives, I didn’t have to leave the house, which was fine with me. Justin got us emergency macaroni and cheese supplies and things were OK. Yesterday was miserable. AND when I got to work, I took off my coat and outer layer of pants but had to leave on the hat, scarf, boots, vest, and GLOVES….grrr. I work inside. In an office. So. The only two things that gets Chicagoans through the winter is eating and talking about summer. Ahh Chicago summers. I just got chills thinking about it…in a good way. So my daily pic of happiness from yesterday is from inside my head. WAIT! That is cheating! No it’s not. This is my blog. Get your own.

Here is my backyard on a lovely day in the summer. It kept me warm yesterday:




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