Daily Picture 122308

Daily Picture 122308

If you look into the green ornament, you can see a blob creature dressed in down. That is me.

This is the best house on the corner of my block. They have an amazing yard in the summer where a lot of neighbors hang out in hammocks and eat watermelon and play with dogs. It is a little too nice. I plan to get to know them and see if they are robots. The front yard is always tastefully decorated and is a really pretty gateway to the rest of the street.

This photo was taken a couple hours before I walked into the basement to find a pipe had burst and water spraying all over. Thanks to Justin’s dad Eric, all was fixed via phone from Handymanville Colorado. Yay!

I am off to pack for Michigan City Christmas house with my mom’s side of the family. Weather is still gross. Roads are bad. I love trains.


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