Christmas House and Daily Pictures

We just got back from the Christmas rental house that my mom’s side of the family rented in Michigan city. I am lucky that I didn’t have to travel to 4 different Christmas celebrations like many people have to do these days. It makes for a much more relaxing holiday when you can just wear your pajamas and eat food with your family for a few days. Here are some happiness photos. There is more than one…this is bending the rules slightly. Again, get your own blog.


Meerkat in stocking!

Meerkat in stocking!

Jordan and Justin making "Beinchers"

Jordan and Justin making "Bienchers"


Justin rolling out the dough

Cutting the dough

Cutting the dough

Nomable Clementines.

Nomable Clementines.

Ice walk to the beach after dinner. 3-6 inches of ice on road.

Ice walk to the beach after dinner. 3-6 inches of ice on road.


Shoreline where the waves created ice waves.

Shoreline where the waves created ice waves.

There is one more photo of a certain gift of a certain special squirrel that will be uploaded soon. His name is Patrick and he has had a long journey. He is resting now and in no mood for a photo shoot. Yes I got a squirrel for Christmas. He is one of a kind though…you will see. Yes, this may happen again. Yes, I have asked you not to do this.

Overall the Christmas house was a success. The hateful pull out couch mattresses a dreadful bruise inducing failure. The puzzle a success. The ice a failure. The gifts a success. The paying off of one’s brother for a better sleeping situation a failure. The walk to the beach a success…unless you were improperly dressed…I of course was properly wrapped in down. The slipping on ice and falling on head a failure. The bienchers* a success.

*This is a dumpling that my grandparents have made for special celebrations or holidays since I can remember. My grandma grew up in China and brought the recipe back over. It is not spelled or pronounced bienchers…but we are mostly hoosiers and can’t help it. You have to roll out the dough, but circles, fill the dough with the meat and veggie filling, pinch closed (called bowing the bienchers), boil them, dip them in soy and vinegar, and eat no less than 50 of them if you are doing it properly. Grandma and Grandpa are passing down the recipe and would like to see more participants in the production of the bienchers. We are slowing catching on. It was fun to see Justin and Jordan rolling out the dough.)


2 responses to “Christmas House and Daily Pictures

  1. We eat the meat dumplings in the Philippines, but they are called something else. I cannot remember the name of them, but when we visited, I remember eating a lot of them as a kid. Now, my mom buys them at Asian markets once in a while.

    I love the meerkat in your stocking. He’s so cute. I completely understand about the Christmas squirrel, so I won’t ask now. Patrick needs his rest. The clementines made my mouth water, but the picture of the sea oats is absolutely beautiful. In fact all of your pictures are really nice. Happy New Year.

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