Daily Picture 122708

Meet Patrick.

Yes, he is in a wheelchair.

Yes, he is in a wheelchair.

Handpainted detailing.

Hand painted detailing.

The injury.

The injury.

What can I really say about this? It is the weirdest Christmas present I have ever gotten. Although, now that the rest of my family knows about Etsy’s Alchemy function, I am sure it will not be the last. You can basically post an idea that you have for a custom project on the website. Then artists will get in touch with you and make it for you if they think they have the right skills or interest. I will update this post with the name of the artist that got to make this little guy when my brother gets back to me with her name. (Update: The artist is Amy Lira.)

Patrick is truly one of a kind, and will be hanging out with Murray in the entryway of our apartment. I am hoping that his injury will heal with time. He is enjoying the wheelchair though, and all the extra attention he is getting. He was never much for exercise anyway. Patrick is pleased to hear that he is now on the Internet, as he wishes to be famous one day. I will relay any messages/fan mail that you may have for him.


One response to “Daily Picture 122708

  1. I love how the last two pics kind of blend into one big pic.

    Anyway: The artist, Amy Lira can be found here: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6352407

    Most of her stuff up there is pretty morbid and evil looking, however.

    I’m glad Patrick will have loving care until he heals.

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