Daily Picture 122808

I love mirrors. And gollllllld. This is pretty clear if you come to my house.

Daily Picture 122808_a

Living room mirror.

Living room mirror.


Dining room mirror

Dining room mirror


Kitchen mirrors

Kitchen mirrors

These make me very happy. I have never had many things hanging on my walls and I can’t commit to anything but mirrors right now. Growing up, there was never much on the walls of those houses either. Maybe because we moved every three years? Not sure. Sometime I would like to have art as well, but I am taking baby steps at the moment and am pleased with those results.

Mirrors make the space feel larger, add interest to a blank wall, and reflect light. I also have issues committing to a lot of different colors in a living space because it easily feels cluttered to me. Mirrors will not add another color, but will reflect the existing space, so you can always be sure they “match” the room. I would rather mix different textures of similar hues than coordinate a lot of patterns or color schemes. My living room colors come from the wood floors and trim, brick accent wall, and sage green couch. The rest of the decor is either soft white or a light source.

Speaking of light sources, lamps are key to any room. I have a mix of 5 floor or table lamps around the living room because I detest overhead light unless I am cooking in the kitchen. I have turned on the overhead light in the living room maybe once to find a lost earring. As far as I am concerned it should be used only in emergencies. Nothing changes the mood of a space more than lighting. I beg of you not to make me sit under an overhead light. I will actually scream if it is a fluorescent overhead.

This is the number one reason I don’t ever want to go to prison. I am sure they do not allow floor lamps or reading lamps in the cells. I would probably try and get my hands on some flashlights through a series of strategic trades and would then make lamps out of them with a pillowcase and some mashed potatoes that I smuggled back to the cell from the cafeteria. I am pretty resourceful. So now that I think about it, my cell would probably have great lighting after a month or so. So please exercise your freedoms and rights to purchase cheap light sources from IKEA or Target, and buy a lamp or two. Or I will stab my eyes out if I have to visit you. 

Have a great day!


4 responses to “Daily Picture 122808

  1. I have an overhead lights in most of our rooms. Don’t love them all, but young kids don’t mix well with a lot of floor and table lamps. Is it really such a home decorating faux pas?

    Post some pics of your lamps and maybe I’ll be inspired.

  2. Ha! Gollllllllld. Beautiful pics Megan!

  3. I lived with my grandmother until I was a teenager. She too loved mirrors. I once thought I was helping her by spraying furniture polish all over them. What a streaky mess that was!

    You have a brick accent wall. *sigh* I love brick accent walls…

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