Food Coma

My inlaws, Donna and Eric, are visiting for a few days so I am behind. I will have several daily photos to catch up on.

If you are looking for me, I will be consuming as much butter as possible before New Years, when I will be undergoing operation seasonal butter recovery.

If you ever come to Chicago and want to eat at a neighborhood spot that is AMAZING, go to the Hopleaf. Go for many hours. Wear elastic waist pants. Try the mussels. Try the mac’n’cheese. I think there at also about 2394934 beers on the menu. I am about to have a food baby.


One response to “Food Coma

  1. Ok… what is it with the butter? It’s just fat right? But why does it make everything you put it with taste so special?

    This morning I ate the last of the German Stollen (a type of very light fruitcake with mostly raisins and almonds – the best ones have marzipan in the middle). It always tastes best with a slathering of butter.

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