“Daily” Picture 010409



This is a TON of spice for cheap. Herbs and spices will really add up if you cook a lot, so I was thrilled to find huge bags of them at the local “grocery store.” There is a pretty good variety and the bags range from 59 cents to $1.75. 59 cents! I usually use Peapod grocery delivery, seeing as I don’t have a car to do any big grocery runs. I adore Peapod and highly recommend it for anyone in the city that likes to shop in less than 5 minutes and not carry anything.

Sometimes when we just need to pick up something quick, we go to this little place within a few blocks that carries the essentials and some creepy non-essentials as well. You can find a variety Virgin Mary themed candles, rat poison, and diapers right next to the couscous, tube socks, and muffin mix. It is entertaining and convenient. I think the rat poison was a safe distance from my spice jackpot. We will see!

Speaking of chaos, I really need to organize my spices better. The cupboard is just full of them and I have spent hours of my life looking through that thing. I need to get some kind of Bed Bath and Beyondish organizer but I really hate that place. I might get little glass jam jars and a sharpie and figure out something more creative.


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