Daily Picture 010609

Daily Picture 010609Daily Picture 010609_b

This is the corner in my living room that I find myself staring at every day. Often without realizing it. Just one of those comfortable stares, where you can’t take your eyes away cause they are so cozy and not really interested in moving on. Much like not wanting to get out of the warm cozy bed with memory foam mattress, down comforter and soft sheets early on a January morning. To walk in the cold. To go to spin class while it is still dark.

I just got home from a long night at work, but I would feel neglectful to yesterday’s happy photo if I went to bed without posting the poor little guy. This corner features one of the floor lamps that I was talking about here. It’s friends are two floor vases that I bought at one of my favorite local spots, Andersonville Galleria. It is basically a larger store that many different local Chicago artists and merchants rent space within. There are about 20 little “booths” or “nooks” within the store. It allows smaller merchants to sell in a high rent neighborhood which is great.

Sometimes I bring my old lady/homeless city cart in there. I am sure they are a bit annoyed. But not as annoyed at the people that endured my “lets take the Christmas tree on the Clark bus” ride.


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