Daily Picture 011009

Her arms look really short

Her arms look really short

I can’t believe this is my first picture of happiness that has a cat in it. I thought there would be more by now. Schween looks really well behaved and precious here on her Shabby Chic blanket. This is false. She was using her claws to shred it just 30 seconds before. She also tried to bite the buttons off my pajamas while I was wearing them. “Oh, she is just a mischievous kitten. She will grow out of it,” you might say. Nope. Schween is 5 years old. And only slightly less terrible than when we got her. She has stopped climbing door frames in the night and tearing apart the underside of our mattress. We love her anyway.


One response to “Daily Picture 011009

  1. Petite arms are a symptom of naughtyness. Lula will stop at nothing to shred my nice white duvet cover… after leaving awkward brown spots on parts of it. Seriously… is she wiping her bottom on my bed.. why? I’ve been inspired by their short arms to write a Haiku, which follows:

    Schween and Talula
    If they were to meet one day
    Havoc will be spread

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