Daily Picture 011109

*Now with Less Butter!*

*Now with Less Butter!*

This tastes better than it looks.

I love Cream of Wheat. I feel kind of nostalgic when I eat it. I have a specific memory of my first bowl of the stuff. I was probably about 4 years old, standing eye level with the kitchen counter as my mom stirred the Cream of Wheat on the stove. I was not really interested in eating it, because let’s just agree it looks gross. And it looks like mashed potatoes which I hated. Then she sung the line from Mary Poppins…”Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down…” Sugar!?! Yes. This was a good bowl of mash after all. And, after singing that line, she realized that I had never seen Mary Poppins. So that had to be remedied immediately.

It was the BEST movie I had ever seen. I remember jumping off the back of the couch with an open umbrella and dancing around my grandparent’s orange and teal shag carpeted living room to the soundtrack on a record. Yes, a record. I am stoked that this March, Mary Poppins on Broadway is coming to Chicago!


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