Cheese in Lieu of Blizzard

The big blizzard of 2009 did not happen. Schools are still closed, but roads are not too bad. Except the 1-65 exit ramp from I-80 where a cheese truck with thousands of pounds of cheese is making the commute difficult. Somehow, I picture the driver to look like Fozzie Bear from the Muppets. With a little trucker hat and big cumbersome four fingered paws. Gonzo is surely sitting shotgun with his lovely Camilla.

I am so well informed at 6:45 AM because of my favorite morning TV ritual. WGN morning news reminds me of my cable access days in Kalamazoo on Z-TV. Only slightly more grown up with a better graphics package. They are consistently ridiculous and unprofessional. I love them.

Since I am typing this before 7 AM, it also means that somehow I am not at spin class. I was going to use the blizzard as a viable excuse. I could also try using cheese as an excuse, but I take the train so traffic means nothing to me. The real reason is something that will make you gag and roll your eyes. Morning Time* is the true excuse for why I am cozy on the couch with Justin, WGN, and some coffee with cocoa mixed in it.

Morning Time is when we get up early and just hang out together before we have to get ready to leave for class and work.We just mozy around or wrap in blankets and spend some quality time on the couch before the day gets going. We make sure we are properly caffeinated before doing anything important. This can be anywhere from 15 min to an hour. It is more important than extra sleep to us. The gym can ruin this whole plan, although it has it’s rewards as well. I am just not interested in those today.

Daily picture of happiness is definitely morning time. Here is our coffee in Justin’s grandpa’s favorite mugs. He bought about 50 of them in different colors years ago when Marshall Fields was still around because they were the only perfect mug and he had to have them all.

Daily Picture 011309

*I am fully aware the Morning Time is precious and will not be possible when we have children and responsibilities.


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