Finding: I like stuff. (And people). A lot.

Since the Daily Pictures project started a month ago, I’ve become conscious of many things during my day that make me happy. Even during “crappy” days, it has not been a big reach to find several occurrences or observances that warrant me capturing them with a photo. Because I am aware that I need to photograph a moment of happy in the day, I am more aware in general of how good I have it, how fantastic a seemingly unimportant thing can be, and what shouldn’t be taken for granted. It has been pointed out that this is very Oprah. Yeah, I guess so.

Occasionally there are several daily happy photos living in the camera—fighting for the top spot for the actual upload. I picture them inside the memory card like kindergartners jostling for a good spot in line to get out for recess. Even though they are little pieces of niceness, I don’t think they are above throwing an elbow, stepping on a foot, or pinching. Yeah they have little feet. And they are all wearing fuzzy slippers. I love slippers.

Anyway, yesterday was the day that the dishwasher and washing machine broke. A combination of freezing pipes and sensor problems. Our landlord is in Bangkok until Tuesday, so things are kind of dirty. When we found out the dishwasher was not working, we had it fully loaded with garlicky salmon dishes and other unsavory items. There was also a good half-load of filthies ready to go on the counter. Ugh. Reminds me of the days when our kitchen sucked in our first Chicago apartment. It was so bad. The fridge door would hit the other side of the kitchen when you opened it.

Then the best thing happened. Justin volunteered to hand wash all of them. It was a very good husband move. I caught him on camera without him knowing.

1,000 husband points awarded

1,000 husband points awarded



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