Home Tour!

I was lucky to have the day off today and decided to use the camera before it officially dies. The macro setting was working, so I decided to tour around and capture some of the textures and patterns of my house.

I didn’t realize I had such a variety of pattern until the end of this little project. It turned out very happy. Seeing some of this up close made me realize I need to dust and that puppies from upstairs can do a number on entry way floors. There may also be a lot of cat hair in this. The Dyson is coming out again. Bonus points awarded if you can spot an annoyed husband, a custom Amy Batule coaster, and no less than ten IKEA items. Enjoy!




One response to “Home Tour!

  1. I am glad there were no macros from the guts of the vacuum. You have such a great EYE for detail, Ah ha ha …Funny guy with the eyeball.

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