Commuter Tourism

Something happened when I was standing at the bus stop today with a huddle of half-frozen of commuters. I looked up. Most of the time my focus is fixed on the curve in the road where the 122 Ogilvie bus comes around the corner. This is pretty much all anyone at the bus stop looks at. However, tunnel vision is generally reserved for commuters.

When it is warm out, you can find tourists crawling all over downtown Chicago rubbernecking at the scenery in the loop. Especially by the river, which is where I happen to spend a good part of my waking/working life. Some of Chicago’s best views are along it’s river. The Merchandise Mart, Britannica, and Wrigley are my favorite buildings. Some prefer the vintage Marina towers. Many tourists are big on the Trump Tower. I just can’t love it because the thing overshadows the Wrigley building in such a bullying kind of way. It doesn’t play nice. Sometimes I wish the Wrigley would jump in the river and float down to meet up with the cool kids, Brit and Merch. They would all be happier in a row.

So at the bus stop today, I was reminded that I live and work in place that people pay to come and visit. They travel here on vacation. And they take pictures to remember the beauty of the city by the river that I am lucky to see everyday. Then I focused my eyes back on the 122 bus corner, eventually arrived 10 seconds too late for the 5:35 Metra train, and eventually walked home, face to the sidewalk, cursing the fact that I don’t live in Hawaii.

Crappy panorama!

Commuter tourism panorama from my bus stop


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