Local Foliage

Guess what is growing in Chicago! Stuff that looks like this:

Fresh picked from the corner of Foster and Ashland. Glorious.

Fresh picked from the corner of Foster and Ashland. Glorious.

I had a haircut this morning at at Sine Qua Non salon with a stylist named Stevie. She was wonderful, and I will be faithful to her. Finally. I am also so happy to have found another Andersonville independently-owned business that I can frequent and be thrilled about.

Next door to the salon is Marguerite Gardens. I would live there if possible. Next time I go I will bring my camera and post the goodness up here. I get all my flowers from this shop, unless I can pick peonies or lilies from my backyard. But it is tragic back there at the moment. I haven’t been in the backyard in months, especially since trash removal is not my thing.

During the spring and summer I always have fresh flowers in the kitchen and entryway. Sadly, I haven’t had flowers since October. This needed to be remedied. In the spirit of crawling out of my winter slump, I stopped into Marguerite and assembled this arrangement for myself. Color like this will not be seen growing outside for another 6 months.


I did this little photoshoot on the back porch, which is still off limits this time of year. Porpus got excited and jumped at the chance to escape. Excuse her squintiness, but she hasn’t seen the sun in months. Porp (aka Norpus) is a Florida kitty and would like nothing more than to roast in a wicker chair in the sun. She’s still out there right now even though it is currently 9 degrees outside. I should check on her.


One response to “Local Foliage

  1. I love the flowers but that top thing looks cold!

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