“Modern” Appliances

What is that whirring sound? Oh, that’s just my Maytag Dishwasher and Washing Machine working!! Ahhhh, the scent of clean clothes and sanitized dishes. Nothing made me happier yesterday. I came home to working machines again thanks to Justin and a local repair man and about 300 dollars. Luckily, we do not own this place, so it was basically free. Not that anyone cares about this at all. But then again, do you care about my nasty floor dirt in a closeup photo either?

I am thankful for the 12-yr-old cleaning machines that are chugging away, allowing me to type this instead of hand-washing clothes and dishes. There are so many modern conveniences that have spoiled me rotten. I can’t imagine what I must have done in a past life to get housework done. I either lived in filth, was royalty, or was a cat until dishwashers were invented. Boggles the mind.

Another note of happiness in the photo below: the sun! It is finally angling into the kitchen window in the morning little by little. Which means that winter is on it’s way out…slowly. But my plants are happy, and it is a nice greeting in the morning while I am mixing various sugary things in to my caffeine.




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