Forbidden Bath and Coffee Table Guts

Yesterday, I witnessed a freakin cute cat bath. Porpus was spooning Schween and giving her a fierce bathing.

For anyone that is still reading, you are clearly a cat person and realize the severe cuteness of this situation. For those of you preferring a blog about actual human grandchildren, sorry, please hold. The wait time is 3-5 years.

Most of the time, Porpus and Schween would have us believe that they are not good friends at all and will sleep on their respective sides of the bed in disgust of each others lameness. This is all for show. We have repeatedly found them squished together when they think no one is looking. Beneath the futon (“office hours”) is their favorite place for a secret nap. So when I saw the spoon bath, I was sure not to make a move, because any human sighting of this would rip the time-space kittehtinuem and earth would be null. Therefore my happiness photo could not be properly captured, at risk of our very existence. Below is a typical scene instead:

Schween and Porp ignoring each other in public

Schween and Porp ignoring each other in public

Schween looking clean from her bath

Schween looking clean from her bath

Ugh my camera is weird.

So today as I was sitting directly in front of my space heater on the living room floor, I noticed how our magazine shelf under the coffee table houses some pretty interesting items. I think they tell an accurate story of those who live here:

The guts of the table

The guts of the table

Life is a veritable smorgasbord. We have here several issues of The Economist living with Stuff on my Cat, a squirrel flashcard from Andersonville’s Foursided store, and I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence by Amy Sedaris. I don’t feel the need to further explain this. I will say that it made me very happy to see these guys coexisting under the coffee table.


One response to “Forbidden Bath and Coffee Table Guts

  1. OM I hope our grandchildren will be human someday . In the meantime, Porpus and Scheen are quite entertaining and you are an engaging story teller.

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