I don’t have a cube at work. I have never worked in a cube. I am about to move into one in the near future.

What does this mean for me? No more window overlooking the Chicago river for one. My plan is to make the best of it and treat it like a tiny apartment that I would like to hang out in rather than hang myself in. This means immediately blocking out any overhead light. Filling the space with proper lighting. And covering up the blocks that build the cube with something. Can I build a roof? How many CB2, West elm, and Etsy packages is the mail room willing to deliver me at work? Can Porpus come?

Though I have to share my current office space, it is pretty much the size of my first Chicago apartment. We have a corner view and a door. And walls that go up to the ceiling! Sometimes there are meetings in there, which is the only major complaint for me. My roommates are spectacular and have no ogre habits or desk drumming skills to note. They have excellent taste in music, and are willing to entertain experimental lighting ideas. I will miss their daily company.

In my little corner of the room, I have my wall of happy. I enjoy it daily, and it is fun to look at while I wait for Illustrator to crash or the server to freak out and take 10 years to open a 2k image. Not sure if the whole wonderwall will travel with me to the future cube, but I will definitely be taking Deery Lou’s Champagne fantasy and the angry white kitty.



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