Being married can be very exciting. Seriously. Wait…hey..where are you going? Are you going to d-listed or Perez instead? Checking Facebook statuses? Bah. Fine, go.

One of the bonuses to having a partner in life, is that my life isn’t the single point in the universe. There are at least two points now. When life partner “A” is down, “B” may be having a triumph. Things seem to balance out.

When I think of my own road in life, besides picturing the path on the gameboard of Candyland, I see a lot of things to look forward to. Since I married Justin, the lanes have doubled and now there are twice as many exciting destinations. Sorry to extend this metaphor into a paragraph, but here goes. There are certainly potholes, probably a car sick kid in the backseat that has to pee, and sometimes a broken headlight, but I feel like we are heading somewhere great, with some sweet roadside attractions along the way. I will photograph them and post them here in a perpetual slideshow of our trip. Because who doesn’t love sitting though other people’s trip photos. YAY!

What I am getting at, is that my life is richer when it is not just about me. This doesn’t mean I have lost my sense of self…not at all. Sharing in Justin’s wins feel as exciting as my own. I don’t want to brag, BUT Justin is wicked smart. He just found out that he received his 3rd CALI award today! A CALI award means you are the top student in a class and your teacher has recognized you as such. Kind of a big deal I think. The best part is that the classes in which he received these awards were subjects he is very interested in pursuing in his approaching career in law. They are Antitrust, Contracts, and LARC…which is a legal writing class or some nightmare of a thing. So YAY again!

Please note the book on the far right of this shelf. I would have say that it accurately describes my idea of reading any more than one page of these:

Hooray for Justin reading these and not me! "Torture"

Hooray for Justin reading these and not me! "Torture"

Doot do do. La la lala la.

Doot do do. La la lala la.


3 responses to “Woot!

  1. Hey!! I’ve seen lots of those books! None staying in my house though. Certain prerequisites must be met first.

  2. The only reason I would ever study law is so that I could have a wall of leather bound law books like that to sit in front of while I smoke a pipe in my leather chair next to a side table made of rich mahogany. One book would be pulled to open the secret passage way behind the bookshelf.

  3. MY FAVE POST EVERRRRR!! Warmed my heart ❤

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