I Spy Something Gross

Ooooh! A Reeses wrapper!

Ooooh! A Reeses wrapper!

That is not a rock. Or a black hole. Or a disease eating the city. It is snow…kind of. This is what all the snow looks like downtown at the moment.

If you are in Chicago in the winter, don’t bother using an ashtray, dog scoop, or trash can. It is much easier to throw your garbage in the streets. NO ONE WILL KNOW!! Until the second half of winter. During the downhill freeze, melt, filth cycle all the garbage is revealed. Mayor Daley eventually freaks out and has the whole city scrubbed before the first batch of tourists step onto Michigan Ave. Awe-inspiring floral designs are planted all around the Loop overnight. Everything looks glorious and shiny, thanks to all the money that was made for the City due to parking tickets or selling another piece of the city to a private company. We even have these little sidewalk sweeper machines that are like mini street cleaners. You wouldn’t guess that in February though.


3 responses to “I Spy Something Gross

  1. HOLY SHIT! That is snow!?

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