Chicago locals woke up this morning and put shorts on. They ran along the Lakeshore path. They walked dogs without doggy booties. I am sure people were considering laying out in the park. It got into the 50’s and was sunny, and the world around us melted.

As couples took walks with their winter babies who have never seen weather above the freezing mark, I took a walk with my baby Canon. To the train. To go to the office on the warmest, sunniest day we have had in the last 4 months. I figured the foulness of my mood would result in intense focus on the piles of cigs, trash, and dog feces that line the streets. The rubbish that floats in the wake of thousands of pounds of snow melting simultaneously is nothing less than vomit inducing. But I couldn’t help but be excited by the weather, even if it was just a 15 minute walk before I was locked in a creepy empty office for the duration of the day.

Sidewalk lake.

Sidewalk lake.

Creep factor rated 1-10?  15.

Creep factor rated 1-10? 15.


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