I think it got up to 62 today. On February 10. Just recently, it was pipe-bursting cold outside, and today I freakishly opened the porch up in FEBRUARY. Madness. I am not going to think about it too hard, because that would interfere with the best day I have had in a long time. Yes, I have worked 9 straight days in a row, but nothing is better for my soul than just an hour of sunlight and warmth when I have been dressing in head-to-toe down for the last 4 months. The day went like this:

  • Woke up. Opened up the Porch! Schween sprints to her table and the sun rises over a very happy kitty. Photos ensue.
  • Plants are watered, and shades are opened for sun. They decide not to die. Plants rejoice.
  • Made fun of Justin and pleaded with him to leave winter coat at home. It is major downer that he is not excited enough to leave it at home and pretend it is Spring like the rest of the humans. Where are your shorts? LEAVE COAT AT HOME.
  • Walked to train without any winter gear! No ice obstacles. No cringing. No silent screams of winter terror. Train platform buzzes with excitement about weather.
  • Immediately upon booting up the computer, an instant message pops up from Ryan that demands lunch in the park. Bring camera. Agreement.
  • Left sick Drea at office :(. Worst day to be sick. Worst day to have call during lunch. Mourn her lunch loss.
  • Became increasingly manic in the line at Potbellies with Casey.
  • Took a bajillion happiness photos in one hour. Basked in sun, checked out dead evergreen planters, ran amok. Canon rejoices.

Hundreds of other people had the same idea as we did. We sat in a sunny spot by the fountain (no water yet). Most of the benches in the park were full and the tables by the Bean were all crowed. My favorite member of this park extravaganza was like a stock photo search result for “Suit, Relaxing, Barefoot.” This guy was so cliche and awesome on his bench without any shoes…just reflecting on the day.

Key takeaways:
  • DO NOT sit/walk/lay in the fountain in Millennium Park. It is frowned upon by park security. Stay on the surrounding ledge.
  • Do go to the park if possible. Stop eating at your desk. If you have soup, please finish the soup at the desk, then go to the park. You will bless many tourists with a timeless memory captured in their vacation photo album, of you eating a turkey sandwich while laying in an empty fountain.
  • My brother had to eat in a parking lot today in order to be outside. Some cities don’t have parks to eat lunch in. Go to the park.
  • DO NOT wear your winter coat when you don’t have to. It dampens everyone’s mood that is enjoying the fake spring. 😦
  • If you are a cat, please enjoy the fake spring porch sunrise at your leisure. Then have breakfast. Then maybe a nap. Then some porch sun bathing. Another nap then. Do not get a job. Do not empty the dishwasher. Do not pay any rent. Demand that your water is fresh. Nap.
I will wash the windows during real Spring.

I will wash the windows during real Spring.

Taken on the porch inbetween 2nd breakfast and 3rd nap.

Taken on the porch inbetween 2nd breakfast and 3rd nap.

I spy vampire skin, angry grandpa face, squinty white folk, and SUN.

I spy vampire skin, angry grandpa face, squinty white folk, and SUN.



4 responses to “Ecstatic

  1. Mrs. Cullen! Vampire skin for sure. Best day ever!!!!!!!!!

  2. Disapproving grandpa makes his inevitable return.

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