No Thanks.

I really am dumbfounded by the Cupcake in Bloom. I would link you to it’s page on 1-800-Flowers, but by the forces of terrible Valentines gifts, it has SOLD OUT?!? WHyyyyyy?

It is advertised all over buses, cabs, train stops and TV. The owner of 1-800-Flowers is inexplicably a feature within the ad. He feels like he has to be in all his commercials, which is a very outdated tactic . And he is likely driving the ad agency insane. Is he the same guy as the e-harmony founder?

  1. Carnations. No thanks. When I was trying to explain them to Justin, he says “Oh yeah. The plastic flowers.” HA. They are real plants however. And I don’t want any.
  2. Cupcakes are for eating. I absolutely adore cupcakes. I feel the need to defend these precious tiny cakes against such treacheries. Nothing is more frustrating than fake baked goods. This renders said treats completely pointless. Try googling cardboard cupcake. Insanity! They are baked goods. Meant for eating.

In other news from the world of horrible Valentines gifts, this is possibly the worst commercial I have seen yet.

Ugh. Stop.

Ugh. Stop.



4 responses to “No Thanks.

  1. I’m so with you. If my sweetheart bought me this cupcake, he definitely wouldn’t get any sugar.

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  3. I think about how lame that bouquet is every time I see an ad for it!

  4. so glad i am able to discuss this openly now! i mean honestly

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