Giant Cat Smothers Man

Friday night at the Boley house:


Justin lived through that somehow. He has become immune to being smothered by felines through repeated exposures. He has developed impressive feline anti-bodies, and a talent for cat herding.

The night consisted of a sushi picnic on the couch. I am so glad we live 1056 feet from the nearest sushi take-out place. All the signage is charmingly misspelled, and the atmosphere is better for take-out than dine-in. But it satisfies Miso soup cravings, and that is all I really care about. Combined with the soy sauce that was consumed, our sodium levels surely have reached an all-time high.

Looks gross. Tastes great.

Looks gross. Tastes great.

I also realized that yesterday was Megagood’s two-month blog anniversary. It seems like a LOT longer than that, but I guess I do update this thing quite a bit. It has been unexpectedly rewarding, and I plan to keep it up. Thanks for reading…whoever you are. Porpus celebrated the occasion with a festive cupcake hat. I had to remind her that cupcakes are for eating. This rule should not be abused.

Take that off right now.

Take that off. Right now.


One response to “Giant Cat Smothers Man

  1. Norp seems to enjoy her new headgear.

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