Which One of These Things Doesn’t Belong Here?

This is more stuff about dishes, dishwashers, and Justin.

He gets home before me and knows I love to have a “clean slate” kitchen when I get home from work. He is a wise man, and empties the dishwasher most afternoons before my arrival. My favorite part of this ritual is walking into the kitchen and being confronted by a pile of WTF dishes/kitchen tools/utensils.

He has no clue where to put them away. I don’t have a strict cupboard system, which is possibly why this malfunction occurs. Justin favors systems and logic, where I sometimes wing it. I just don’t really care where most stuff goes, beyond plates in the plate place, silverware in the drawer, and glasses in their own cupboard. I just don’t want them dirty in the sink.

There are several other things that come out of the dishwasher that stress Justin out. They are like kitchen orphans to him. Even a plate that looks kind of different from the other plates might freak him out and it goes in the homeless WTF pile. The IKEA strainer tops his list of confusion. Often it sits in the pile with other stragglers known as orange juicer, Pyrex measuring cup, and the rare yet dumbfounding toothbrush holder.

Today featured a fantastic illustration of the pile, with an admirable twist of effort that I hadn’t seen before. The strainer was in the pile with the weird plate and the measuring cup as expected, but the metal sifter was in a league of it’s own. I don’t do a lot of sifting, so he has hardly met this kitchen instrument. It was not even pile worthy and ended up on a whole different counter. It was placed by the stainless steel canisters. Next to the other shiny things that were metal and cylindrical. He was trying to make some sense of this madness. I am really sorry for causing such confusion.

WTF pile

WTF pile

Well played.

Well played.

Sorry Justin. I am sure it will make him feel better if I publicly announce that I ate a little piece of brownie off the side of his plate. It was all alone and needed to be eaten.

“Ugh. This brownie has nasty Schween hairs in it.”

“You ate the SCHWEEN brownie?!”

It had been specifically quarantined to the corner of the plate because it had dropped onto the hindquarters of a cat after he tried to feed her a piece that she rejected after putting her nose all over it. Great.

P.S. Notes of Happiness: Kitty socks worn all morning in the office (Thanks Casey!) and new handmade jewelry (Thanks Maria!)


3 responses to “Which One of These Things Doesn’t Belong Here?

  1. Stumbled across your blog and this cracked me up! My kitchen stuff is organized with OCD-like accuracy. Somebody once gave me a mug that wasn’t like my set of mugs, and I was so confused as to where to put it.

  2. hilarious! I would say the canister was a good shot! Totally sensical!

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