Some Comments on the Weather

This is not the traditional happiness post. Sorry to bum you out.

Meh. Today was not the best of days. And it was snowing on the way home. Still snowing as I type this.

As I tunneled my way to the creepy food court at lunchtime, I spotted some goodness. Mind you that this particular food court is known for being extremely unsavory. It is a last resort kind of place. And in no circumstances does anyone at the office actually sit and eat there. There is a loud mechanical buzz that pierces my ears, which I am relying on heavily to navigate, since my other senses have shut down to protect me from the foul environment. Eyes can’t handle the flickering green fluorescent lights. Nose can’t deal with the mingling scents of Popeye’s grease and Middle-eastern food with a side of gross. I also avoid touching anything if at all possible. WHY did you go there, Megan? Cause I was out of my head. And in a gross kind of mood, and kind of wanted to keep in theme for lunchtime.

Back to the goodness that was spotted along the trek. Green plants! Trying to grow! OUTSIDE!!!

I was without my camera, but I plan to go back tomorrow and take a photo of the daffodil sprouts that I saw poking out of the earth in the weird courtyard near the food court. If the snow hasn’t covered up the hopeful green sprouts, you will see them here tomorrow.

I told a bunch of people at the office about what I had seen. No one really cared or said more than “murp” as they continued to stare at their screens. Am I way too excited about this? Leah cared. She was the only one with the proper response to this phenomenon we Chicagoans haven’t seen in some time. Green living plants. ❤

You can do it little guys!

You can do it little guys!


3 responses to “Some Comments on the Weather

  1. Ahhhhhhhh! I’m still freaking out! Go plants go!

  2. I love the details here!

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