Smells Like Happy



My kitchen smells so flippin good. These lilies are stinking up half of the house. In a good way. Their aroma is leaking into the dining room, two rooms away. They are sitting pretty on the kitchen counter and the only thing that would make them better is if they were Stargazer lilies. I can forgive them.

Justin is basically gone for 3 days…with the exception of sleeping here…I think? There’s a group of his buddies in town for one of the last bachelor parties of the crew. I clearly want nothing to do with it. (He will not be around to help with my typos–Ryan please advise.)

So I am sniffing lilies and talking to myself/cats. It isn’t half bad. And I am really looking forward to the clothing exchange, margaritas and delicious Ruark food that I will be sharing with a bunch of rad ladies this weekend! Not only will it make me clean out my entire closet and both dressers, but it is a very *recession* friendly idea. (First and last time I use *that word* on Megagood…unless I am laid off of course. The internet doesn’t need another site talking about it. I’m not ignorant of what is going on.. I just don’t want to write about it on here. We get it.)

The real excitement of the day was hard to capture in a photo. It is hopefully the subject of many future DPH photos, but it is yet to be confirmed. I am planning my first vacation alone with Justin! Yeah, this is year 3 of our marriage and the 6th year of our relationship. Yes, of course we have been on vacations and trips together. A lot of really great ones. BUT…it was all to visit family or friends. NEVER…(there was no honeymoon) have we gone on a trip together as a couple. This has to stop. By the time I turn 26. Which is coming up in May.

After a lot of research on places to stay in Door County, Wisconsin, I think I found it. Blacksmith Inn on the Shore. If you know of anything better up there, please let me know. Justin doesn’t know about this yet. But he will surely be on board. I think there are some wineries to visit.

Hopefully I can upload some good DPH after our trip that looks like this…(only more macro I am sure):



One response to “Smells Like Happy

  1. Hey Megan, you can’t go wrong at the Blacksmith Inn – it’s such a great place and you won’t be far from anything. We have 5 wineries in the County and plenty more for the two of you to make the most of your stay. Visit our website at for ideas and information. You’re going to have the best time of your life! Phil

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