I like to transport goods around the city without use of a personal vehicle.

I haven’t owned a car for a few years, and rarely miss it in the city. But sometimes it takes creative maneuvering to get things done. Grocery shopping is the first thing that may come to mind. I use Peapod. Problem is happily solved. The main thing to remember when transporting things around without the use of a car, is that you can’t be afraid of what people think about you during your haul. I brought a Christmas tree on the Clark bus, wheeled a couch from the store down the center of a street for 3-4 blocks on a dolly, and challenged cabbies to fit porch furniture into their vehicle. Sometimes I have to break down and borrow a friends car (shout-out to Foxy Focus) or rent a U-haul pickup to go to IKEA (never again.) But usually I can get everything I need just fine without driving a car. Last night my friends participated in a clothing swap. So I hauled a load of clothes around the snowy city streets via bus, cab, and man (woman) power . Worked out splendidly.

The clothing swap rules are pretty simple.

  1. Clean out your closet. The stuff that you haven’t worn in a year will probably never be worn. Get over the jeans that are at least 3 sizes too small. Make a pile of rejected clothing and accessories then put them in a bag (or suitcase).
  2. Roll suitcase through the snow and slush and salt. Annoy people on the bus with your soggy over-stuffed suitcase. Roll it down Diversey and annoy the Trixies that are wearing skirts in 20 degree weather on a Saturday night.
  3. Lay out your unwanteds in the living room. This area serves as the store. Our host, Sarah, had even made clothing “racks” this year and had a clever accessory set up in the center of the room.
  4. Drink and eat. Margaritas and homemade tamales.
  5. Shop. For Free! Make sure to make fun of the items that have been there before. Especially that ugly necklace I like to bring. And the comedy/tragedy earrings from 1995 that are both fittingly tragic. If you are a small person, you will make out like a bandit, because most of the clothes that were brought in are there because the rest of us can’t fit into them anymore. This is due to seasonal butter disorders and poor laundering decisions.
I scored the cute burlap tote. For the farmer's market.

I scored the cute burlap tote. For the farmer's market.

Sadly the minty kitten heels were too small. Want.

Sadly the minty kitten heels were too small. Want.

Accesory holder man

Accesory holder man



2 responses to “Swap

  1. I feel for the Accessory man. His pose says it all.

  2. He is in distress. Too much estrogen.

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