Three Worrisome Things

Look who is home!



The felines are pleased that he is back with us, safe and sound. This morning we had a conversation that went like this:

“Justin, I am worried about three things. Number one—”

Schween interrupts here and says “Meep”

Number two–”

“MRAP,” Schween says with a blink.

Number three–”

“Meeeeaah. Myam,” Schween adds from cooked-turkey position at the end of the bed.

So to summarize, Schween told Justin she’s worried about those three things and immediate action should be taken according to feline law. This is the first conversation he had upon entering the house. He has it pretty rough.

The felines however, do not have it rough. At all. I am reminded of this everytime I am in the hallway bathroom. There is a cute little dish of water sitting on the sink:

The finer things club for cats

The finer things club for cats

They drink from nothing else. People have asked many times why there’s a dish of water there. Why wouldn’t there be? Porpus will not have anything to do with it after Schween has sullied it. She sits up there and says “Prralllllao” until someone comes to freshen it for her. This happens anywhere from 2-5 times a day.

Speaking of useless and unsolicited information, I am in the bathroom a lot, too. Glad to know that? No? It is just an annoying side effect of drinking gallons of water everyday as I love to do. So while I’m in there, I like to admire my surroundings. I think the plants along the window and the little bird light and candle holder along the wall are my favorites.

Last but not least is the handwashing finale. If you haven’t tried Caldrea products, I highly recommend them. The  bottle of Ginger Pomelo cleaner I bought is going to last me for a few years. Smells amazing, saves money, and saves…Earth? Then there are the hand soaps and lotions. Nothing leaves your hands and bathroom smelling more amazing. The Basil Blue Sage is a man-friendly scent for a shared or guest bathroom. And I love the patterns on the labels as well. They are a small luxury worth every penny if you are in the bathroom half as much as I am.

Fancy stuff.

Fancy stuff.


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