Slumladies “Meelllllin-air”

I got to spend last night with some of my favorite OLAYadies (+ Andrea). Dinner was at the Grand Lux (megatouristy, but megagood none the less). You have to order the Asian nachos to share as an appetizer. If you are with Amber, make sure she has a plate of her own and stay at a safe distance. I am also guilty of this shameless nacho behavior on occasion. The portions are outrageously enormous, just like most all of the other downtown touristy restaurants. You should share the full orders with someone at your table or get appetizers as we did, unless you want to haul 5 lbs of take-home food with you around the city afterward.
Also, don’t forget your ID if you want to even think about having a glass of wine or a cocktail at the Lux. They are insane about carding. No matter what your age. Marjorie thought the waitress was kidding when she was asked to show hers. Pam was asked, too. But they both work on a skincare account and have good genes, so I am actually not shocked they were carded. I ‘ve also been there with my former boss, Anne, when she was refused a glass of wine because she didn’t have her ID. She’s 28 for heaven’s sake.
The wonder in her expression kills me. It’s a great food face.
Pam and Andrea’s coveted Ahi plate.

And then Andrea was abducted. Right from the movie theater lobby. She's cool with it.
And then Andrea was abducted. Right from the movie theater lobby. She’s cool with it.

After dinner, Andrea, Casey and I walked around the corner to the movie theater at 600 N Michigan. It is really weird in there. Just strangely designed. We did make it safely into our seats after 1 Photoshop disaster, an alien abduction, and a movie-sized package of peanut M&M’s.

We were all a little behind the times and hadn’t seen the big Oscar winner, Slumdog Millionaire. I have to say that I really enjoyed it, and was very impressed by the way it was shot. I LOVED hearing the line “who wants to be a Meelllllin-air!!?” over and over. I couldn’t watch a couple of the scenes involving the beggar children. It was tough to take. I think that Benjamin Button was a better movie, but the two are so different that they are difficult to compare. Slumdog does have a fantastic soundtrack though. Jai Ho!! (Tally ho if you are Casey.)


4 responses to “Slumladies “Meelllllin-air”

  1. Yeah, great expression on her face.


  2. 1) Slumdog is awesome.. amazing sound editing too 🙂

    2) I thought it was tally ho as well

    3) no Indian movie is complete without a dance break.

  3. Tally Ho! I love that song!!!! Yes the editing was PHENOM! Loved the shots! But did indeed crack up everytime I heard milllllllenairrrre!

  4. Um, ya…28 and carded. Geez! 🙂

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