The Color (Not the Mood)

Blue stuff. And an attentive squirrel.

Blue stuff. And an attentive squirrel.

Blue/turquoise/Tiffany green/robins egg blue is my favorite color right now. Blue gets a bad wrap for being a sad color. Or a color for boys only. I am here to disagree with this nonsense. Certainly there are shades or variations or blue that can be very dull or sad. Stormy blue and navy blue generally are the grumps of the blue bunch. That is why I have to stick with the brighter sky blue and leave cobalt to sulk in the corner. It is the color of robins eggs, warm Caribbean water, and a clear morning sky. I challenge you to find even a hint of sadness in that.

Cooking even became happier when I received this for Christmas from my mama:

Lens flare sold seperately.

Lens flare sold separately.

During this early photo shoot lit by the rising sun, I realized why this color evokes such happiness for me. It is the color of the sky before 10 am. I am a morning person. If you are not a morning person, but would like to try it, I suggest reading this. This lifestyle doesn’t come naturally to some people, but I have been an early riser for the last 7 years or so. To me, morning is the best time of day because everything seems possible. I am inspired to start many projects in the early hours. These do not always get done at the end of the day, but every time I wake up they seem doable once again. I always feel like the morning has forgiven me for whatever happened (or didn’t happen) the day before.

Just today I was inspired to finally organize my spices. I have to say that this is a really embarrassing photo for me to post. My house is very clean except the cupboards and closets. Consider this a “before” photo. Hopefully an “after” will follow shortly.

This will horrify a certain group of you.

This will horrify a certain group of you.

Ugh. It is so bad in there.

I simply cannot end the post like that…

Morning tulips.

Morning tulips.


6 responses to “The Color (Not the Mood)

  1. Yay for tiffany/robin’s egg blue! Your new cooking vessel matches my walls.

  2. Is that turquoise beauty a ring? I must meet your talented jewelry-designer co-worker!

  3. She is starting a shop on Etsy very soon. I happen to be the photographer for the jewels! I will let you know when they are for sale.

  4. Why do have the CUTEST THINGS!?? You’re life is like a magazine. Just stop it!

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