Spring Tease

Not boots!

Not boots!

Do not adjust your screen. My legs are seriously that color. That sparkly stuff on the sidewalk is rock salt and chemicals. Besides the streets and sidewalks, this salt can also be found all over my windows, on every square inch of the bus, and likely in my lungs. If the weather is dry, I can stand at a busy dusty intersection and TASTE the salt dust on my lips. This is pretty nasty, unless you are doing tequila shots on the corner, which I do not make a habit of and is frowned upon by the CPD.

Every year in March, I break out a ridiculously springish outfit way ahead of season. It has to be on one of the glorious fake-spring days like we had in Chicago yesterday. Upon my entrance to the office, people had the proper spring reaction to the cuteness of said outfit and my mood is as bright as the color of my shirt. Yesterday, I even broke out the purse that was originally going to be reserved for the opening of the farmer’s market.

For the market!

For the market!

While I was doing a little spin in the office to show off my outfit, I STUBBED MY TOE SO HARD. There was blood and other injuries that I can’t even look at without being nauseous. Now I am walking funny and I can’t wear sandals. Meh.

The day was just too nice to go home right after work. So we celebrated. With champagne. A lot of it.

Pops for Champagne. One of my favorite store fronts in Chicago.

Pops for Champagne. One of my favorite storefronts in Chicago.


Pops for Champagne is a beautiful bar that offers over 100 different bottles of champagne. You can also order a beer or cocktail if the thought of champagne gives you a headache. It was part miracle, part copious water consumption that kept me from getting a headache. Our bartender, Lamar, was fantastic. He put together a plate of cheeses for us that was beyond perfect.

Listed from left to right: Yes. Yum. MINE. Mmmmm.

Listed from left to right: Yes. Yum. MINE. Mmmmm.

Due to the cuteness of certain coworkers, we were also allowed to taste a complimentary Bellini, which is possibly my new favorite dessert. Pop’s version of the Bellini is sparkling wine topped with a cappuccino-style peach foam and a raspberry floating within the heavenly mixture. All my photos of the Bellini were blurry, due to giddy excitement. You will just have to go and order one from Lamar yourself.

The last thing I have to applaud Pops for is the clever lighting and decor. Every part of the space takes the champagne theme into consideration, but it isn’t blatant or over-the-top in any way. A themed restaurant can easily become tacky, but Pops has managed to avoid this common pitfall. Not only does a warm amber glow emanate from the bar, but above each table, several pendant bulbs hang in a cluster that resembles rising bubbles from a glass of bubbly. I just love them. If you knew me during my days of art class in high school, they may look familiar to you.


As far as living creatures go, I usually post more photos of cats than people. I have a hard time capturing anything of the human variety for some reason. Candid shots are my preference, but it’s really hard to catch people when they aren’t blurry or double-chinned. Hence, I like to stick to the still life. I will try harder. Although it pains me to post a posed photo, I can’t resist these ladies. So here you go:

I am noticing that I tend to have gorgeous female coworkers. I promise that is not something I consider in my job interviews. It just happens.

I just noticed a bizarre trend. I've always had gorgeous female coworkers. I promise this is not something I consider in my job interviews. Seriously.




One response to “Spring Tease

  1. just a gem of a place! The lighting and color really add to the experience of the champagne sipping!

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