Why So Blurry?

My photos all turned out blurry today. Meh. My hands are shaky, the weather is rainy, and one of my eyes was dripped into while I was walking beneath the EL tracks. I get anxious thinking about what may have been in the water. And my eye is now blurry, but I am pretty sure I am just freaking myself out. Right? RIGHT??!?! Ewww it itches.


I was walking home from my train in my red raincoat, I noticed that all the snow has melted. Even the gross black snow that sometimes sticks around long enough to compete with the tulips. Not even the huge piles on the edge of parking lots could handle the rain that we had this weekend. It is ALL GONE! As I type this, Weather is surely searching tags about spring on WordPress. Weather (who looks like a cross between old man winter and the Mad Hatter) is going to read Megagood on his cloud laptop and will then instant message Snow Storm and his nasty buddies Wind and Ice. They will arrive in Chicago just as I am putting on a spring outfit with no socks. I am not trying to be a downer, but you simply cannot type things about the snow being gone and really believe it. It is March, not May. Weather is watching. He knows. And he is totally insane and rude.

But for today, snow is not around. I was able to check out the scenery without having to watch my step on the icy sidewalk. Since the time change, my walk home is considerably better lit. I no longer require a two-minute exposure to occasionally capture the gum-holding-a-takeout-menu-to-the-fence portrait. Things are much clearer now. And I was pleasantly surprised to see microscopic green things sneaking out of the seemingly dead bushes and trees along my walk home. They are sneaky and cautious this time of year, trying not to alert Weather to their activities. I am sure they are pissed about being photographed and tagged in photos on the internet. It is not their style.

Psssst. I can see you.

Psssst. I know what you are up to. And I can't keep a secret.

I took a bunch of other photos of tiny green things poking out of the mud, but like I said, my eye seems to have pigeon Ebola and I couldn’t steady the camera.

When I arrived at my house, I saw this wondrous thing taped to the entryway glass:

I highlighted the important part of the permit. !!!!!!!

I highlighted the important part of the permit. !!!!!!!

Our landlord is the best. I never thought landlords like this even existed. He tore down the old garage in the backyard, and is building a brick garage…solely for the purpose of having a roof deck! Woot! He said it will be done at the beginning of April. I don’t want to move. Ever.


3 responses to “Why So Blurry?

  1. A nice Chicago landlord? Who does things selflessly for his tenants??? Unheard of. You guys are very lucky ducks.

  2. He is a nice landlord, but he lives upstairs…so the roofdeck isn’t totally selfless. We are still lucky ducks though!

  3. Very interesting article, i have bookmarked your blog for future referrence. Best regards

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