More Fun Than It Looks


You know what? This week has been a little stressful. But this new toy I got is amazingly good at relieving some of that stress, or at least distracting me enough to forget about the stress…for 2–4 hours.

It’s a Neocube. The mailman delivered it to me yesterday. Since the other package that I am tracking—20lbs(!?!?!) of spice jars—is travelling to me via Pony Express, this was a good tide-me-over delivery. The Neocube is not really a cube at all. It is just a bunch of super strong magnet balls. This is a perfect example of a picture not doing any justice to the subject. You have to play with it. You are supposed to make it into a cube, but I have yet to make that happen. My fingers are literally raw from playing with this thing. You have to get it. (Thanks to Dan for the recommending this thing.)

Andrea and Casey and I played with it in the lobby of our building after work for a ridiculously long time. It is very addictive and we looked like certified nutcases, but who really cares. Who needs happy hour when you have…216 super strong magnet balls?

Blur of excitment.

Blur of excitement.

I almost went to go play with it when I woke up at 4am, having realized that I spent the last two days working on 40 die-lines and renderings in the wrong font. 😦


3 responses to “More Fun Than It Looks

  1. Sweet Neocube…I’ve never seen that before. Looks like I’ve found something new to play with while spacing out at work.

  2. That thing looks awesome! I NEED one. Is it possible to become addicted to something without using it yet?

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