Flags. Wedding. Armadillos.

Texans are never confused as to what state they are in. There are more Texan flags flying than the Union’s. And if you can’t see a flag, there is a five-pointed star within your sight lines.

I spy something red, white, and Texan.

I spy something red, white, and Texan.

Texans are loyal to the state first and the union second. Makes me wonder how it might be if more states were like this. And I pictured the Indiana flag flying everywhere you could fit a flag pole. Can you imagine if Indiana seceded from the Union? I’m sorry, but it is just a hilarious thought. The Texas secession doesn’t require any imagination.

My trip was not really to see Texas, but to see Justin’s high school friend, Jer, married outside of Austin. So we didn’t do a lot of exploring, but what I did see of Austin was great. It is kind of the “cool kid’s” city in Texas I suppose. I wouldn’t mind going back sometime because the food and music situation still needs to be investigated. I will be there again in June for a conference, so I might just get my wish. And it was WARM…during the day at least. And there were trees with leaves, green grass, and flowers blooming. I heard it snowed in Chicago…so Austin was a perfect escape for the weekend.


I don't know what he is reacting to here, but I love it

I don't know what he is reacting to here, but I love it

The wedding we attended was held on the bride’s family property in the middle of nowhere outside of Austin. It was absolutely the most beautiful wedding I have been to…besides mine of course. I was the unofficial photographer for the candid shots. They had a professional photographer there for all the “real” shots that you get at a wedding, so mine just supplemented. I will not post them all, but if you are curious, click on the flower girl photo below to see the whole album.


On our way home we spent 10 hours at the airport. We missed a nice brunch on the lawn of the Four Seasons to “make our plane.” Little did we know that the plane was BROKEN. Duuurrrrrrrrrrrr.

Things to do for 10 hours at the airport:

  • Play “would you rather”: “Would you rather that Schween’s body looked like a dungeness crab with a cat head or that Porpus’s head was attached to a chinchilla body?” The answer is clear in this case.
  • Go check out the nest making abilities of the bird outside the window opposite from gate 14. Provide voice-over for said bird. Repeat.
  • Browse the gift shops. Make fun of the rattlesnake snow globes and tiny Texas vanity license plates printed with common names. Remark that you wish they had a Bort license plate. Then move to a gift shop in another part of the terminal to see if it is different. It’s not.
  • Spend nearly 100 dollars on 20 dollars worth of crappy food. Forget napkins. Wear the stains like a good bedraggled traveller.
  • Nap on the hard floor in the sun. Use magazines and husband as pillow. Get nap face from dirty airport carpet.
  • Go to the bathroom about 10 million times. Try using different stalls for variety. Wash hands until they bleed from dryness because you put your stupid lotion in the stupid checked luggage.
  • In the ninth hour, begin photographing the frightening buffet at “Wok n Roll” and the herd of armadillos at the gift shop. Argue about armadillos. Are they rodents? You’re sure? I don’t think they are. Why don’t we have an iPhone? (Update: Armadillos are not rodents. They are “the only surviving family in the order Cingulata, part of the superorder Xenarthra along with the anteaters and sloths.” How lonely for them.)

Delightful candles shaped into boot form.

Delightful candles shaped into boot form.

Wok n Roll buffet. High in price. Low in fun.

Wok n Roll buffet. High in price. Low in fun.

Orientation of the photo is wrong. But that is how I felt by this hour anyway.

Orientation of the photo is wrong. But that is how I felt by this hour anyway.


8 responses to “Flags. Wedding. Armadillos.

  1. What? You can’t imagine seeing a “Don’t mess with Indiana” bumper sticker on my car?

    Also, there must be an incomprehensible amount of cowboy boots and cowboy boot gifts in Austin. I just saw a similar pic of cowboy boots.

  2. those little girls are beyond adorable though…
    Sorry you got stuck at the lame-port.

    I do have some pretty wicked “would you rathers….”

  3. You, my friend, have multiple career path options. With talent behind each one. Impressive: designer, children’s book illustrator (you know you could), blogger, writer, chef, photographer, wedding photographer, airport concierge. Just to name a few.

  4. If only there was a job that encompassed all those things. I think it is actually called “not working.” How can I arrange that?

  5. How do I convince you to come take pictures of my kids?

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  7. We should meet up at the zoo for pictures when it is finally warm. That would be fun!

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