Flowers Grow Well in Garbage

Kind of. By garbage I mean compost, animal crap, and fertilizer, to be more accurate. It is important for me to remember the idea that good can sprout from filth. Last week, a series of things happened that really got me down. I ended the week with two pieces of cake followed by a test of my new mascara’s cry-proof capabilities. This is very uncharacteristic of me. Megafail.

The “bad things” didn’t happen to me directly; they happened to people that I care about very much. I will not list them all here because it will bum you out in a major way. I am not an overly-sensitive person, but I do feel a lot of empathy for what happens to people I know.

One “bad thing” that I do feel the need to address is that 1/3 of my former agency was laid-off last week. This was not a large agency where this kind of thing happens all the time. Though the company had some less than savory characteristics, loyalty was one of it’s greatest virtues…I thought. I feel like a stupid girl that just found out her boyfriend has been cheating on her. I haven’t worked there in a year, but I still feel betrayed. I am sad about how it went down. I am disappointed. I am stressed for my friends who need work in a terrible economy. I know it is “just business” but is still smells bad to me.

WAIT! Don’t be too sad. Don’t go yet. Here comes the “flowers” part. My friends that were laid-off are very talented people. They deserve to work in a better place anyway. In the long run this whole thing will be a blessing to them, even if it is rough right now. A few of them have the capability to lead their own shop. I hope they do that. I hope they are wildly successful and 100x more happy than they were in their former job.

If I were to be laid off, I would take a long look at what I truly wanted to do–what really makes me happy. I would start down that path, even if odd jobs in the meantime were necessary to stay afloat. Would I apply to agency positions that originally seemed out of reach? Would I go to school again? Start a business? Work at the zoo? It’s hard to say, but if I was kicked out of my current comfort zone, I would be self-evaluating like never before.

The news will get better. The economy will recover. My friends will flourish again. Life goes on.

Speaking of flowers, the Macy’s flower show starts this weekend. On Friday, when I was feeling low, I was pleasantly surprised at lunch to see that the flamingo bodies have been re-united with proper heads:



Half of the first floor is now a living garden. The displays and cosmetic counters are stunning. The aisles now have a median of trees and flower beds down the center. My marketing side is dying to know how much this flower show effects Macy’s sales next week. I think it is BRILLIANT. (I still miss Marshall Fields by the way.)



4 responses to “Flowers Grow Well in Garbage

  1. Thanks, Megagood. I’m banking on self evaluation, risk taking, and being thrown wildly out of a comfort zone as my path to MegaSuccess and MegaHappiness. P.S. If you ever work at the zoo I will come visit. 🙂

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  3. I hope you’re right, and the news does get better. I can’t take any more of this garbage. But I, too, am convinced that our friends are wildly talented people who deserve better and will make it there! Love you guys.

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