Banned activities after 11 PM and a particularly disappointing basketball game:

  1. Vacuuming.
  2. Rambunctious running through the apartment with any cat weighing over 20 lbs. And NOISY bell toys.


Justin was not amused by the feline household tonight. We were being very disruptive during quiet time. Tough life for him.

After we were told to settle down, Porp and I retreated to the bathroom. She had a nice drink from her proper dish, and I had a look in the mirror to see what a mess my makeup was by the end of a long day. I cleaned the whole house and after work, so I was expecting the normal mascara disaster around the eyes at best. NOPE! I have to say, I think I finally found my perfect mascara. I have Dooce to thank for it. I am not a big fan of product endorsements eating up a blog, but seriously–it is after 11pm and my mascara is not migrating south into blush territory:

040609Sorry for being so close there, but I am trying to prove my point. You can barely see just tiny bitty specs of mascara that the lashes have discarded after 15 hours of wear. I have been searching for over a year for a mascara that doesn’t clump, flake, chunk, rip eyelashes from roots, sting, or disappear by the end of the day. I have spent more money during this desperate search than one should spend on mascara in a year, but now I have found my winner. Diorshow mascara is 24 bucks, but I can’t keep spending cash on crapo drugstore ones every few weeks. As someone that depends on her vision to make a living, I am happy to shell out a little extra cash to avoid black flakes floating around in my vision.


5 responses to “Curfew

  1. There are three bell toys hidden in various drawers in my house… never are they to come out again. Horrible, horrible decision to buy rolling bell toys.

    I want that mascara!

  2. I want that! My Maybelline mascara is a flaky mess by 11 am.

  3. Better yet, what eye cream do you use? 🙂

  4. Um, now you are bringing expensive indulgences to MY world. We have come full circle! 🙂 Can’t wait to try the mascara when I’m shopping again.

  5. Bobbi…Olay all the way. Duh.

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