How Did I Not Know This?

About 200 steps from my office is this fantastic theater.


It is called the Gene Siskel Film Center. How did I just now find out about this? Thanks to Pam, I am now a big fan of this place and will be taking advantage of it more often. They even have a nice little cafe/bar and seating area instead of the usual casino-carpeted concession counters of the Megaplex Movie theaters that we are all used to. Last night, we went to see the movie Gigantic. Both Justin and I really liked it and would recommend it to anyone that likes movies that are just a little off the beaten path. There were only a few elements to the movie that didn’t quite fit (homeless guy?!?); otherwise the characters were brilliantly written. You should at least Netflix it when it comes out.

Before going to the movie, I was lucky enough to have most of the afternoon off to just hang out with some coworkers for an extended happy hour. We have a bar on the ground floor of our office building. I’m not a fan of the atmosphere, but a big fan of the company and the short workday.

No less than a half-hour was designated to make fun of my phone. So what if it has a retractable antenna, ugly body, can’t receive photo messages, take pictures, go online or do ANYTHING really but take calls. Which I generally don’t like taking. Because I hate talking on the phone. OK–maybe it is time to get a new one.



4 responses to “How Did I Not Know This?

  1. shameful. Even mom grandma and grandpa have a nicer phone ….

  2. when you put it like that….

  3. well, I too have a slightly better phone but I don’t use most of the features. Well, I guess I do take an occasional picture or video, oh yea and text. Your birthday is coming up soon. Would you like a NEW phone???

  4. Ha! Thanks, but I think I am going to hold out for the next iPhone that comes out. We are on a family plan and a whole mess of things. Someday soon though, I will lay this little sad machine to rest.

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