Too Much of a Good Thing

Wellies? Broken umbrella? Wet Camera? Unfortunately, yes.

I am guessing that I should not introduce Camera to water all that often. It simply cannot hold up to the April showers like my boots can. If it was from Chicago, Camera would SUCK IT UP. But it is from Japan and doesn’t know what to do. It got a few sprinkles today, and seems to be fine, but I am not going let Camera play with Weather again. So here are all the rain shots you will see in 2009:

wetbranches4upIt was a misty kind of rain that was bedazzling every branch, blade of grass, leaf, and flower with a coat of water gems. Not much fun to commute in; lots of fun to look at.

When I got home and looked at the rain-bead photos, I had a burst of manic happiness about all my 4,000 photos that are living tucked-into their folders on my computer. They are so well behaved, even though only a select few get to enjoy a brief moment of glory on the internet. I decided to see what might happen if I opened them up again and mashed them together. The photos in the food folder may want to play with the photos in the cat folder. And if you were a lemon, who says you don’t want to lay on top of a bed of tulips– just to see what it would feel like?

The experiment was to see if I combined two DPH’s together, would it be twice as happy?

  1. Open a ton of photos.
  2. Layer one photo on top of another in Photoshop.
  3. Make the layer transparent by hitting overlay, screen, or lighten.
  4. Two things can happen: Lameness. Awesomeness. The rain drops seem to be the winners as far as the overlays go.
  5. It’s addicting, so I have water on hand to stay hydrated. It might get late; so that 7 am spin class? BAHahahah. Let’s not kid ourselves.



2 responses to “Too Much of a Good Thing

  1. these are lovely, my fav are the ones where you can see the cats reflection 🙂

  2. Cool! I especially love the one of the Metra with the branches. I’m going to try this later.

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