Quick Remedy for “Ugh” and “Meh” Days

Peanut Butter Pickle SandwichDon’t be grossed out. It’s really good. They only way you are allowed to be grossed out is if you have tried it before and you already know it isn’t for you. The rest of you that are saying “BLECH” without any previously trying a peanut butter and pickle sandwich–shame on you. This is my favorite thing to eat if I get home from work too late to make a dinner, or the day has just been a total bucket of crap.

How to make sure you are doing it right:

  1. Use dill pickles. Boars Head are the best. Or any kind that you buy in the refrigerated section. Beware of warm pickles.
  2. Use natural peanut butter. Most of the other stuff is too sweet for this kind of thing.
  3. Toast the bread. It is just better.

If I mention that this is one of my favorite comfort foods, people generally turn up their nose or ask if I am pregnant. I am not. If I find someone that also likes these sandwiches, we generally get along well and gush about the goodness of the peanut-pickle combo. Then the conversation turns to other combos such as Fluffernutters, Nutella and Chocolate, and banana-honey. The next time I am in New York, I plan on visiting this place.

This morning I am feeling much better than I was last night. And it may have to do with the amount of sugar I have consumed before 9 a.m. I woke up at 6 and made cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for my office mate Michelle’s birthday. I had to test the frosting of course.

They look worried.

They look worried.

Mama and baby during cooling stage.

Mama and baby during cooling stage.


4 responses to “Quick Remedy for “Ugh” and “Meh” Days

  1. Only you and your twin Sunya Hintz (who you need to meet) would wake up at 6 am to bake cupcakes.

  2. My little sister loves peanut butter and mayo, but I don’t think it’s for me. I’ll have to try that special sandwich of yours. I love pickles. Cute cuppiecakes!

  3. ummm, they looked worried

    FAVORITE picture yet!

    you are so flippin cute and i love this space!

  4. My Dad is from Grand Forks, North Dakota. His Mom raised 8 kids while working as a maid. My Dad tells stories of owning one shirt and one pair of pants and of spitting in the lemonade if it was passed his way so that he could have it all. I have only known my Dad, who is 73, to eat peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches. Me, his 50 year old daughter, still eats them. I like white bread NOT toasted. And yes, cold pickles is a must.

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