Slumber Party

Twilight is the new Eat Pray Love. And I am riding that bandwagon. It’s like eating potato chips that you know are bad, but you just can’t stop. Since the DVD release of the first movie in the Twilight series, we have been planning a girl’s only (sorry Jim) movie night at my boss, Pam’s, apartment. This “movie night” is exactly what you are picturing. Wine, appetizers, pizza, and “girls” sitting on couches and the floor, chattering at high volume and laughing until stomachs ache. Justin describes this cacophony as a “bag full of felines.” Pam had secured the party room in her building, so we had our slumber party–without the slumber–in style.

Here is my review of the movie: EEEeeeegads. It has some of the worst effects, make-up, and casting (Jasper is so terrible and we actually gasped in horror when he made his entrance). It was pretty low budget I suppose. But if you are interested in what all the Twilight fuss is about, skip the movie and just read the books. Then download some pictures of Robert Pattinson and you will be all set.


Now a word about people’s apartments. I LOVE knowing someone for awhile and then seeing their home much later in the relationship. It is kind of like when you have phone-only contact with a client or coworker in a remote office and you get to finally meet them in person months later. There is a picture in your mind of what they look like. Sometimes you are dead-on and often times you are WAY off. The same goes for people’s homes. I have worked for Pam for a year now and just got to see her home yesterday.

It is perfectly Pam. A mix of clean classic lines, minimal clutter, and a canvas of crisp clean white. She also has hidden treasures tucked alongside her book collection. The treasures are my favorite part of the place and also reflect Pam’s personality. These bits of goodness have a sense of humor that is not immediately visible when you walk through the front door, but they are fascinating and endearing when you get closer. Here are a few of the easter eggs of Pam’s place. And some pretty flowers in a milk-glass vase.


Ha! Twilight candy favors were set out in the party room.

Ha! Twilight candy favors were set out in the party room.


2 responses to “Slumber Party

  1. Hmmmm. Now I am intrigued…wonder if you were dead on or WAY off when you visited Bucktown? 🙂

  2. Your place is just about what I pictured. The bedroom with the accent wall is dead on for sure. I think when you get the picture wall up, it will be even more “Anne.” I can’t wait to see the living room art, too! Love it.

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