Cloning Is Safe and Fun For Everyone

Do you have a gift for killing houseplants? Do your cats eat anything living in your house? Are you cheap, but appreciate things that grow and produce life-giving oxygen? If so, you may want to start a cloning program for houseplants. If you answered no to those questions, then you probably have lovely houseplants and would like some more.

Growing by the window in my living room is the queen plant, host plant, or “Mama Plant” as I call her. She is turning 5 this year and has already produced dozens of “babies” or “clones” that have grown up and live in other parts of the house. She and her family of ivy beauties are pretty much impossible to kill, and don’t ask for much. If you forget to water them, they will simply lay down in the pot and take a nap until they have a proper drink. Their resilience is inspiring.

Meet Mama Plant.

Meet Mama Plant.

To start your cloning program, select your Mama Plant, and snip off a few of her tendrils. She will be just fine. Put the snippets of Mama in some bud vases or jars full of water and let them sit until they have grown roots. Then plant them in a new pot of soil and you have a cloned houseplant.

The newborn.

The newborn.

One of the Clones living happily in the kitchen.

One of the Clones living happily in the kitchen.

And, if you are scared of plants, you can always add googly eyes.



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