Not just DPH

Megagood has been around about 4 1/2 months now. It has become a part of my daily ritual, and I love doing it. It clearly doesn’t feel like work to me, or I wouldn’t post every day. But I recently felt a little trapped by my Daily Picture of Happiness format. DPH is here to stay, but I am adding another feature.

This will not be as “Daily” as DPH, but let’s call it the Daily Double anyway…or DD if you like. Because Jeopardy is AWESOME, cleverly catagorized, and full of random questions answers. So do not run away confused by these new random musings, burning questions, and observations that don’t always have a happy photo with them. The following is a fairly long list of nonsense, but I needed to get it out of my head. I think it will be much more condensed from now on. I give to you…

The Daily Double

  • It is amazing how many things I start doing in life, that have now become habits that I can’t imagine living without. It makes me wonder what will I not be able to live without next month…next year?
  • No, I still haven’t gotten an iPhone. I am sure it will be one of the habits mentioned in the above bullet.
  • Legally Blonde..the musical? No.
  • I feel bad for the blind man that was trying to pick up his guide dog’s crap off the sidewalk yesterday.
  • My view from the office is great. Suicide, fires, and falls into the river are not.
  • Why do I get so angry when Justin wears his winter coat on a nice day?
  • CAN YOU PLEASE NOT WEAR THE COAT. We have 8 months for that. Quit it. I am dying inside.
  • Why is it easier for me to be friends with men more than women?
  • Who FAXES dielines to people? And sends mock-ups with Cheeto fingerprints on them? Come on.
  • Does anyone else think it is a good idea to mix vanilla gelato with lemon sorbet? I certainly do. And will.
  • Am I the only person in the world that has good bosses consistently? Who actually has good bosses?!?! It is crazy lucky. I am not kidding. Candace, Holly, Anne, Pam. Work for them.
  • Why don’t I get in shape so I can return to ballet class? I miss it and it hurts.
  • Besides the coat thing, I love my husband more than anything. I could write a million posts on this. True story.
  • If I didn’t have a loving husband, I would seriously consider dating Nigella Lawson. And Jeff Corwin. And certainly Matthew Fox.
  • If one of the cats is sick I CAN’T stand it or think of anything else. How do parents deal when a kid is sick? Scary.
  • I just started listening to NPR again. I don’t know why I ever stopped. Glad to have it back.
  • I know that I shouldn’t have children yet for many reasons, but I am here to admit I have been thinking about it A LOT lately. Uncontrollable baby fever is in full force. It’s weird.
  • Gum and cigarettes are litter, too. You can’t just throw them on the ground willy nilly. Stop it.
  • Until a couple years ago, Justin didn’t know how sweet pajamas are. WHAT!?!?..I am glad I could help him out.
  • The best ending to a TV series is the last six minutes of Six Feet Under. Shawshank wins for movies. Books is a tough one. What do you think?
  • When the bus stops on a bridge I am constantly picturing what would happen it the bridge broke and we all fell in the water. Terrifying. See also: falling down flights of stairs.
  • Does anyone remember Square One, the math show?
  • Who decided what fruits and veggies would be OK for humans to eat? I used to think there was a man in a room that was the “food tester.” I figured that was his only job. And if he died or got sick from eating something, we would know that berry or fruit was not for humans.
  • There is a project I want to do that really needs exploring on paper. I think a new sketchbook will do the trick. Few things are better than the first blank page of a new sketchbook.

8 responses to “Not just DPH

  1. I’m always scared to write on the first pages of new sketchbooks. You’re brave. This is a good list.

    I got you something at the grocery store the other day. Here it is:
    For Megan

  2. I like your Double D’s.

    Legally blonde the musical…YES!!! at least for me. I have the soundtrack to that what.

    I have to admit I get all in a rage too, when you tell me justin is wearing a winter coat when it’s in the 60’s. Just not necessary!

    view from the office– who fell into the river? Did I miss that one?

    Ballet class- you MUST.

    What about my fear of falling and chipping tooth on concrete? worth mentioning.

    You should have participated in Kids Day this year. My maternal yearnings are back where they belong- tucked safely in the depths of my soul.

  3. oh for the love…

  4. Honored to have made the list. It helps to be a great boss when our employees are so amazing!

    Oh, and I too am terrified of having a bridge collapse when I’m driving over it. I think: How quickly I could I roll down my window so I wouldn’t be trapped inside in the water?

    • My officemate went on a date once where she had to pick up the guy from his mom’s house. The mom gave her a HAMMER to carry with her in the car…so that if they were in the car during a bridge collapse they would be able to use the hammer to break the windows. Needless to say, the date was terrible and she had to pull a Charlotte “something bad happened” move at dinner.

  5. OMG. Such a bad slash hilarious date story. I so won’t be that mom. Perhaps I’ll just keep a hammer under my kid’s seat, though, just in case? 🙂

    Sounds like our bridge collapse phobia is a common one. Perhaps it has a name?

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