Nothing To Do With Swine Flu

Whole wheat pasta is a million times better for you than white pasta. It’s got fiber after all. Who doesn’t need LOVE fiber. OK, sometimes it tastes like:


It is just too rough, stiff, and woodsy. I like oak in my wine, not in my dinner. But when whole-wheat pasta is done right, it is oh so tastey. It’s not merely a vehicle for your sauce, it is really bringing something to the table (heh). It adds a subtle nuttiness and substance to your meal. Whole-wheat pasta can hold up to some abuse if you are doing a baked dish, a scampi, or hoping for leftovers that are more al dente than al mushy.

For the last few months I have been obsessed with Ronzoni Healthy Harvest pasta. Specifically the penne and linguine. The texture is so much better than any other whole-wheat variety that I have tried. It absorbs sauce like white pasta, is lighter than other grainy varieties, and still has 7 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber per serving. If you have another favorite, let me know because I would love to try it.

We had Ronzoni linguine with shrimp scampi with snap peas tonight. A good one-pot dish that was a happy meeting of random ingredients around the kitchen. Garlic, cherry tomatoes, red onion, lemons and olive oil mixed with some seasoning, shrimp, snow peas and pasta for a happy accident dinner for two.

Well aren't you cute.

Well aren't you cute.



Everyone is getting along swimmingly in there.

Everyone is getting along swimmingly in there.

I know it isn't gorgeous, but it is for eating, not looking.

I know it isn't gorgeous, but it is more for eating than looking.


One response to “Nothing To Do With Swine Flu

  1. Looks awesome as always!

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