Good News

Have you heard about Molly the cow?

How about the anonymous donor that has given over 80 million dollars to colleges around the country?

I hope you have, but it is likely you have heard more about tragedies and troubles. I recently started to listening to the radio all day long at work; I feel more informed, but it can be depressing at times.

Since we are bombarded by bad news, I would like to throw some good stuff around to help balance it out. I will not bother posting news that sucks, because you get enough of that without even trying. At the risk of being a Pollyanna, I will try to post some Daily News of Happiness from now on…if I can find it. If you run across a great story among the garbage, please send me the link.

I leave you with Baby Gorilla Hasani and his loving surrogate mommy Bawang.


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