I Can’t Look

There are certain things that really scare the crap out me.

Fish of course is one of these. More specifically the Moray Eel*. I just did a quick google search for spelling and caught a .2-second glimpse of it’s face and my stomach literally flipped before I could click out of the window. I would post a photo for you, but I physically can’t handle it. The last time I accidentally saw an eel was at the Mote Marine Aquarium in Sarasota. I was walking down the middle of the path, so as not to be close to the glass of any aquarium, when I turned the corner and came face to face with it. Its head was about 1 cm from the glass. Mouth open. The shrunken-human face with cloudy cataract eyes was LOOKING DIRECTLY AT ME. It was about six feet long and fully out of its gross eel cave.

I started crying because I was so startled. If you know me, you know I am not a crier. If you ever show me a picture of an eel I will kill you. It is worse than a Rick Roll and will not be forgiven. I can’t explain the fear because it is irrational. The only thing I can say is that certain legless things have no business being so mobile. Speaking of which, have you seen an elephant seal?

I mean...really? Why does this exist? Un-called for mother nature. Stop freaking me out.

Really? Why does this exist?

The same goes for walruses. You shouldn’t weigh 4,500 lbs and be able to move using only tiny flippers and sheer will. Maybe you can get around in the water like that, but LAND? Crazy. I mean, can you imagine if the Manatee just decided to check out land? You would be freaked out, right? Maybe I am alone on this one.

*I had to have Justin find and copy this link for you. I don’t know what it goes to but I imagine it is terrifying.


UPDATE: After posting this, I was on my blog stats page and saw that someone clicked on a link from my page that I didn’t recognize…so I clicked it. Of course it was the eel link. IDIOT.


One response to “I Can’t Look

  1. You must never never never go diving in the Florida Keys.

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