Oh Dear

Disapproving Squirrel is so pissed off.

Disapproving Squirrel is so pissed off.

I found Curious Bun for about 2 bucks at an antique shop on our trip. I thought it might be good for Squirrel’s attitude to have someone around with a healthy curiosity. But he is more jaded than ever and dangerously irritated with his new companion. He is in time-out and will not be allowed on the blog for some time.


I took today off even though we returned home yesterday. I am not sure if I mentioned this new rule before, but I am really loving it. If you have the luxury of paid vacation days and very little responsibility to anything besides two fat felines…I suggest trying out the transitional-day-back-to-normal-life-method. Knowing that you have a day at home to get things in order, before being thrust into your normal routine again, makes the last day of your actual trip nearly stress-free.

I spent my last day off slowing easing back onto the internet. I was slightly horrified to see that I had over 50 emails that weren’t even spam and 297 posts to read on my Google Reader. *MARK ALL AS READ.* Whew. I think this is a sign that I am on the computer WAY too much.

One of the emails waiting in line to be read was a really awesome DNH link from my mom that is worth watching: Duckling Rescue. Enjoy!


2 responses to “Oh Dear

  1. I love love love the heels bicycle photo.

  2. OMG. Great capture of the girl on the bike. Wow.

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